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Posting Requirement

*Submission Requirements:

*Submitter must present a valid ID/Passport

*Telephone Number/Cell

 Email address

*Death Certificate


Legible information required

All obituary postings should consist of the following:

High Quality/ High definition Photo 


Location of Funeral

Date of Birth & Death




Life Legacy offers advertisement packages that range from four (4), six (6) & (12) month periods and Weekly/Daily rates.


Our Ads & rates are categorized as follows: 


 Daily Rate: $20

Weekly Rate: $85

Vertical Ads: $200-$300 per month

Horizontal Ads: $200-$300 per month

Banner Ad: $220 - $350 per month

Video Ad: $220 - $350 per month


For any inquiries please contact us via email: ( or by cell phone 7215268404.


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